Educating and Informing

We are constantly looking to help the bees by providing experiences that help educate the Ugandan local bee community on how they can do their part in harvesting honey and taking care of the bees so that they can produce amazing honey.

Queen Rearing

We offer queen rearing services in Kampala as a way to help colonies grow and produce more authentic Ugandan honey.

Apiary Management and Consultation

We provide apiary management services in Kampala to help those local farmers provide their bees with the best possible care. We also provide apiary consultation services in Kampala for the starters who are thinking of being an active member of the bee apiculture community.

Hive Extraction

As a foundation of growing our own bee colonies, we have excellent hive extraction services in Kampala. Whether you have hives on your roof, behind the trees or under your window, we are able to step in and take it from there.