When people think of bees, their minds go to the sweet taste of honey that is harvested with the fear of being stung. With the goal to shed light on the realities of harvesting honey, we decided to take action and build a business surrounded with high-quality Ugandan honey. The best quality of honey comes from BEES not factories, and it is the only form of pure honey. Bees are extremely loving creatures and will actually build a relationship with humans to take good care of them. For this reason, we owe it to the endangered species to help grow and nurture their colonies.

“Save bees. They keep the world sweet!”

Hey there! After months of perseverance and teamwork with the bees, I am proud to share with you authentic Ugandan apiculture. What started as a hobby fueled by passion is now a fast-growing apiculture business. I make sure to keep myself as involved in all the processes as possible as to help create a loving Ugandan local bee  community around all things bee-related.

Hamid Hamid CEO and Founder

mission & vision

We believe in a future where Ugandan honey can be shared with regional and international consumers. Our mission is to achieve this, all while raising awareness and educating the Ugandan local bee community.

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