Honeycomb (500grams)

UShs 35,000.00



The beauty of a honeycomb is that it is the purest form of honey and the closest thing that you
can get to nature without the stings! Our amazing Ugandan honeycombs are 100% pure and
are carefully hand-cut from the frame with the delicious Ugandan honey that it was made
Honeycomb, for those who are trying it for the first time, is irresistibly sweet and with a chewy
consistency that gives you a burst of fresh honey. The purity of this fresh honey means that it
is a perfect addition to your diet to tackle many health conditions as it contains vitamins,
amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, aromatics, pollen, enzymes, and propolis produced by
bees in the hive.
The Ugandan honeycomb is more than just a product. It is an experience.


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